The Vinegar Cleaning Solution

October 15, 2007 at 8:43 pm Leave a comment

Vinegar is a wonder substance. It’s true. You can use it to dress up a salad, give a little tang to spaghetti sauce, it’s an all-natural weed killer, and it even does windows.

But some people, including myself, don’t really like the smell and will often opt for a more fragrant, expensive, and probably toxic alternative. To these people I plead: don’t give up on vinegar.

Here’s my recipe for a home-made cleaning solution that I cook up sometimes for cleaning my apartment. It works on floors and bathroom tile and surfaces – so let’s call it an “all-natural, all-purpose cleaner” – and it will leave your home smelling like fresh lemon and herbs.

Ingredients: a whole lemon, a handfull of fresh rosemary, 2 cups of vinegar natural-cleanser.jpg
Cut the lemon in half, squeeze it into a small pot of water, then slice it up and toss the slices in as well. Break the rosemary up into smallish pieces, throw them in the water, and put the whole thing on to boil. Let the mix boil for about 10 minutes (while it’s boiling the aroma of the lemon and herbs will fill your kitchen with a great smell).

Strain the boiling water into a bucket of warm/hot water, and add the vinegar. Mix it up a bit with your mop, and get cleaning! It will smell a bit like vinegar at first, but once the floor and counters and other surfaces are dry, all you’ll smell is the soft and pleasant odor of lemons and rosemary. Plus, your house will be clean, and that’s sure to please all of your senses.


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