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November 6, 2007 at 6:58 pm Leave a comment

As you might have noticed, NBC is airing a special week of programming this week, called “Green Week“, which is part of Universal’s (NBC’s parent company) “Green is Universal” campaign. The whole idea behind all of this is to get viewers to pick up green living cues from NBC public service announcements (PSA’s), shows and online video that offer tips on how to go green. And, as an added bonus, their peacock logo is green all week (note: the peacock logo featured above is one that I made myself in photoshop. NBC doesn’t let you steal their logo from their site, unfortunately, so my bootleg version will have to do. Sigh…).

I’m really excited about this, because it shows that mainstream TV networks are picking up on the whole “go green or else we’re all going to die a slow, miserable death together on this poisoned earth” thing. Although some of the tips are lame and some of the “green” elements in the shows are weak (on “Chuck” last night they almost made recycling seem dory – which it totally is not), it’s really great to see celebrities getting on screen and promoting simple things like turning off lights and switching to fluorescent bulbs.

My only hope is that they’ll keep up with the PSA’s after the week ends, and continue to integrate green elements in their shows (just to show that green is NORMAL, not special). We’ll see what happens. As for this week, I’ll be watching the network to see what green goodies it has to offer…


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