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March 9, 2008 at 11:32 pm 1 comment

Boyfriend and I have officially left our apartment in Brooklyn and have been in Massachusetts freeloading off our parents and getting ready for our big trip. Did I mention our trip? We’re heading out on the road for a couple of months to see the country and blow our savings (trip blog is coming soon). So far we’ve already done a great job blowing our savings – we bought a car that turned out to be a lemon, and now we’re buying another car so that we don’t end up stranded in rural Alabama. This trip better turn out to be fun and liberating, because so far the whole ordeal has been a bit of a pain in the arse.

But back to my point, we quit our jobs and moved out of our apartment. Anyone who’s ever moved will probably agree that moving is a great opportunity to clean out your home, sort through your things and ultimately get rid of all the garbage that you’ve accumulated. I have a lot of trouble throwing things away because it’s wasteful, so the whole moving out process was rather stressful. Plus, we had about 3o0 pounds of partially-digested compost to get rid of, and a truck to rent, and a couple of cats to pack up and relocate to their grandparents’ house in Massachusetts.

After everything I learned a few good tips for green moving:

1. If it’s not broken, or too dirty, your neighbors will probably take it (or maybe even buy it). Take pictures of all the stuff you’re leaving behind and post them up with a sign in your apartment building or outside your house, and you’re likely to get rid of a lot or all of it. What doesn’t get picked up, bring to the Salvation Army or other thrift shop – everything deserves a second chance and your trash is (usually) another man’s treasure.

Also, your trash might also be your own treasure – if something seems dirty or broken, try washing it off or mending it before you toss it – you’ll save money and a trip to the store to buy another one. (This was a particularly useful rule when dealing with storage bins that I ended up using to pack my stuff in – I found great success in wiping them off and putting a little duct tape to work for patching holes and cracks.)

2. Recycle! Again, there is no “garbage”, and everything has it’s place. Make sure that all of your paper, plastic, glass and metal ends up in the recycling. You can recycle busted electronics through local transfer stations and organizations – check out the National Center for Electronics Recycling website for more info and to find a recycling spot near you. Also, I just found out that Apple Stores will take back old dead macs and ipods (I finally was able to responsibly dispose of my ipod that’s been sitting in my desk for about 3 years!).

3. There are people and organizations out there who will not only take 300 lbs of compost off your hands, but they’ll actually get excited and thankful when you drip it off!


That’s right. Boyfriend and I dropped off our two heavy, dirty bins full of kitchen waste, dirt and worms to the Lower East Side Ecology Center drop-off location at the Union Square Farmers’ Market, and they not only took our waste but totally thanked us for it – it was remarkable and kind of surreal.

So if/when you move, do your best to do it green. It feels good leaving behind a not-so-enormous pile of trash behind you as you get out of town.


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  • 1. Helen  |  March 14, 2008 at 2:07 pm

    What ? No Prius ? Have a happy guilt trip !

    Actually, I’m green with envy – I’ll think of you while sitting in my cubicle, staring at my computer screen, waiting to live vicariously through your pictures and notes from the road.

    Have fun. Really.


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