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Flies are fuel

flytrapI just wanted to link to something really really cool. And kind of creepy.

It seems that a design firm is making household furniture/robots that make their own electricity by attracting and then digesting household pests. I don’t know how it works, but it seems to involve lights, holes, and something called “microbial fuel cells”. Soooo cool.


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Alert! Obama Officially Better than Bush

It’s only been a few weeks, and President Obama and his staff have already done more good for the environment than the Bush Administration did in 8 years.

In a piece published in the Huffington Post yesterday, NRDC president Frances Beinecke listed 13 major steps that the Obama Administration has taken to promote green energy, reduce the emission of harmful toxins like mercury, and give the EPA and the state of California jurisdiction over greenhouse gases, as well as reversing some of GW Bush’s eleventh-hour environmental injustices like granting leases to oil companies to drill on public lands in Utah.

Although the current president hasn’t done much by way of regulating agriculture and water use, focusing mainly on the energy crisis, Beinecke notes that working for environmental change under the current administration “is a tremendous relief.” This gives me (and I’m sure thousands of others) faith that Obama is setting the stage for a government that is responsive to the concerns of environmentalists and that will ultimately adopt policies and legislation that put human and environmental health ahead of corporate interests.

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Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Sir.

bush_leavingToday’s a big day for you, President Bush. Tomorrow you’re moving out of the White House, which means today is packing day. I can imagine you’ve accumulated a lot over the past eight years – I hope you’ve got a big suitcase.

Don’t forget your golf clubs – I hear the new guy plays a different sport so he won’t be needing them. And be sure to take your golf buddies, too, and all the other miserly schemers that you surround yourself with. Make room in the trunk for all those new coal plants that have gone up under your watch, and the inefficient cars and trucks that have been built. Take your framed, unsigned copy of the Kyoto agreement, and those two scientists that still don’t believe in global warming. Pack up those drilling rights that you’ve issued, and please return the ice and polar bears that have gone missing. Hold on to all your other paperwork, too – you never know what you’ll need when you get indicted.

Bring your bad speech, your ignorant world outlook, your apathy toward those of us who don’t happen to be older, white, wealthy and male. Try and make room for all the regression and missed opportunities that you’ve created – I know it’s a lot, but you really deserve them more than anyone else. And take your corporate bedfellows, your disregard for environmental and human consequences, and your wars. I don’t care what you do with Cheney, but make sure he’s emptied all the dirt from his desk and leaves his keys.

Pack it all up, and get it out of here. It’s really not fair to leave your mess for the next tennant, and we, the people, have no need for your crappy legacy.

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Overview: Washington’s New Green Team

President Elect Barack Obama – who seems to have already done more work to improve our country in 6 weeks than Bush has in 8 years – has announced the names of the folks who will comprise his administration’s environmental team. And they rock. Here’s a brief overview:

Running the energy department will be Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist with real knowledge about climate and energy. Now, I know it’s hard to imagine a real scientist at work in the White House – just be brave and we’ll all get through this together. (more…)

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Clean Coal Reality Check

Al Gore’s Reality Coalition just put out this new ad campaign – it’s funny, because it’s true.

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Bush’s EPA Scrambles to Pass Degradation Measures

bush_cheneyWith less than two months left to finish up all their dirty work, the Bush Administration’s environmental team is as busy as a group of Mongolian Beavers tying up loose ends and signing environmentally devastating rules into action. Unlike its name suggests, the Bush EPA has been less of an “Environmental” Protection Agency, and more like a “Corporate” Protection Agency, as is illustrated by the institution’s most recent move to loosen burdensome regulations on coal companies who have previously just ignored the regulations and polluted anyway. Now that EPA director Stephen Johnson has signed a new rule, Coal Companies that practice Mountaintop Removal are legally allowed to dump rocks and other debris into streams and valleys, a practice that is well known to endanger the health and safety of people and wildlife living downstream.

The new rule is just one of many coal regulation “reforms” expected to come soon from the outgoing administration, including orders that will allow coal-fired power plants to increase their emissions and open up lands near national parks for new coal plants. Sigh, I’m really gonna miss these guys come January 20th. I hope the door doesn’t smack them on their greedy, irresponsible asses on the way out.

For more info on all this, read the NY Times Article, and the NRDC’s press release.  Also, I just happened to be in West Virginia last spring, where I made this video about Mountaintop Removal. Lots of thanks to Chuck and the good people at Coal River Mountain Watch.

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Still Too Soon to Buy Those (Green) Curtains


The election of Barack Obama was good news for environmentalists, as he is likely to diverge from the Bush Administration’s policy of rape, pillage, dump and drill. Ever since November 4th, many of us have been drooling on our shirts and letting our eyes roll off into space as we daydream about the green curtains, solar panels and organic garden that the President Elect is no doubt planning to install in the White House. We shiver with anticipation at the thought of his newly empowered EPA, and giggle with glee as we count off possible USDA and EPA heads as if we’re reciting our Christmas list.

It’s an exciting time for the greenies (and for Americans, in general), but I’m writing to warn everybody that we aren’t there yet. He’s not really our president until January 20th, and there’s a lot of havoc that the Bush administration can wreak between now and then.

For example, (more…)

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