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Rudimentary Rain Catch

New York City isn’t exactly a desert, but any time you use tap water you’re also using the energy that it took to purify that water, so I’m trying to use rainwater as much as possible for irrigating my garden. Originally I just put a bunch of buckets out and hoped they would fill up, but that took up a lot of space and didn’t yield many gallons.


So I had to take more drastic measures – with a hack saw. (more…)


June 11, 2009 at 2:18 pm 2 comments

New York, New York, a waterful town.

Or should I say, “State.” It’s a bad pun, either way.

I just wanted to point out the fact that New York State agencies will now be forgoing the purchase of bottled water (including water coolers!) and installing fountains in all of its offices. It’s part of a state-wide effort to pinch pennies and deal with our massive budget deficit, and it comes hand-in hand with a host of positive environmental consequences.

Yay for New York State, and yay for the New York Times for bringing us this news. (yay!)

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Modicum of Greenness


This weekend beheld the box office opening of the latest James Bond oeuvre, “Quantum of Solace,” a film that millions of Americans are turning to in an effort to escape the reality of an economically repressed November. I was among the hoards participating in this mass delusion, and waited in line for nigh an hour to get good seats, anticipating an entertaining hour of mindless action, violence and sex. Little did I know, in addition to this triad of Bondyness, I was also in store for a light dose of environmental commentary.

That’s right, James Bond is the latest of many hollywood hits to bring eco-consciousness to the big screen. And unlike “Wall-E,” “The Day After Tomorrow,” and “An Inconvenient Truth,” which unabashedly shovel the greenness into your face, “Quantum of Solace” subtly spoons it to us like a mom who doesn’t want her kid to realize that he’s actually eating brocolli. (more…)

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A Plea to Matt Damon

Ok, for starters, if you’re not Matt Damon, you need not read this post. This is a personal discussion between him and I, and I’d appreciate it if you keep your fat nose out of this. (more…)

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